Software Testing Path for Promotions and Jobs in Test Engineering & Development

Software Testing Skills Path for Test Engineering, Testing and Development

Whether testing software is a small part of your job, or your entire job, ASTQB and ISTQB software testing certifications build your path to jobs and promotions.

“I believe that going through the certification process helped me grow tremendously as a software tester, which led to my current position as a Product Manager. Thank you for all that you do!”

Find yourself on the software testing skills path below. Then build your test engineering and development skills by choosing the certification that will help you build more career opportunities. These lead to promotions and jobs in DevOps, Continuous Quality, Agile, Test Engineering, Software Testing and Test Management.

Below is a summary of the software testing career path road map above. You may also wish to download a PDF of the Software Testing Career Path / Software Testing Skills Path.

“I appreciate you letting me know about the ‘The Software Testing Career Road Map,’ it will help me in my career path.”

  • If you don’t have Advanced Level certification yet, this podcast on Advanced is a MUST: Hear a veteran IT pro describe:
    1) Why you shouldn’t fear the Advanced Level testing certification exam,
    2) How to prepare for the Advanced Level exam, including two very important tips, and
    3) Why it’s important for your career – and your company – that you become Advanced Level testing certified. This is a podcast that will inspire you to build your testing skills and career!
  • Finally, if you want to be regarded as THE expert manager in testing, Expert Tester Certification offers options that will prove you truly are the expert in your field. This requires Advanced Test Manager as a prerequisite, as you would expect.

No matter what you want to do with your career, ISTQB software testing certification has the path you need to pursue the testing career that will make you happy.

If you want more information about your software testing career path, we highly recommend our free white paper, “Which Software Testing Career Path is Right for You?

Are you a manager or CIO? ASTQB and ISTQB certification are good for testers, of course, but they are also smart for managers and companies, as they can improve quality, reduce costs, and shorten delivery times. See all of the benefits software testing certification for manager and companies.