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Software Testing Career Road Map

See how the software testing career road map paves a path to promotion throughout your career.

The ASTQB Career Center: Everything You Need to Build Your Software Testing Career

Software testing is an excellent career choice. Studies show it offers great job satisfaction, great pay, and strong demand.

The mission of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB) is to promote professionalism in software testing in the United States. That is why we have created the “ASTQB Career Center,” a one-stop resource for those looking for software testing education, scholarships, internships, jobs, or advancement.

Below you will find resources that will help you establish and build a career in software testing. Check these pages frequently, as new scholarships, internships, and jobs are added as they become available.

List of ISTQB Certified Testers in the U.S.

As the most widely recognized and fastest-growing software tester certification in the world, ISTQB has more than 570,000 Certified Software Testers in 100+ countries, and 21526 ASTQB-certified CTFLs.

List of Certified Testers

Why Software Testing / Software Quality Assurance is a Great Career

It’s good to have a profession you love, and it’s even better when people want to hire you for that profession. Forbes has called software quality assurance engineering The Happiest Job in America. And Fortune has cited software quality assurance engineers and testers as among the Top 10 in Demand Jobs.

Software Testing Job Advice

Whether you are applying for your first software testing job, or looking for a new one, it’s helpful to be aware of the characteristics employers seek in a software tester. Download our free software testing white paper. How to Get a Job in Software Testing: 7 Qualities of the Successful Software Testing Job Applicant

Scholarship Opportunities in Software Testing

If you are a student or are planning to go back to school, choosing software testing can have an immediate benefit: scholarship opportunities. See our list of scholarships for those studying software testing, quality and engineering.

Certification in Software Testing

Getting your software testing certification has many benefits: 1) It demonstrates that you are serious about the profession of software testing. 2) It shows that you have acquired key software knowledge and/or skills. 3) It sets you on a globally recognized career path for software testers that can lead to advanced and expert levels – see the very helpful software testing career map. 4) It gives you an advantage over the competition at key career points when you can show that you are certified as having agile testing, mobile testing, test management, test automation, and other relevant knowledge. Learn why software testers choose ASTQB Software Testing Certification to advance their careers.

Software Testing Internships

As we note in the ASTQB white paper, “How to Get a Job in Software Testing,” employers are seeking job candidates with experience, and a software testing internship can be a great start in that direction. (We recommend that you download the free white paper right now.) To that end, we have compiled a list of sources for software testing internships.  See the software testing internship opportunities.

We have also assembled as list of resources for companies considering offering internships, as interns can be a great source of recruits for full-time positions. See the resources for creating internships.

Software Testing Job Openings (ASTQB Certified Testers Only)

Being certified by ASTQB has many benefits. Among them is the ability to search exclusive job postings that have been added by employers seeking those with ASTQB Certification. You must be ASTQB certified to access these job postings. Search for a software testing job now. Employers: Post your job openings now at no charge.

Post Your Resume for Review by Companies (ASTQB Certified Testers Only)

The ability to post your resume is another excellent career benefit for those certified by ASTQB. Many employers want the peace of mind that comes with knowing their software testers are ASTQB certified, so we created this resume bank for them. While the resumes can be read by all employers seeking software testers, only ASTQB certified testers may post their resumes. Submit your resume now. Employers: Search the software tester resumes now at no charge.