Get a Job in Software Testing

Are you looking for a job in software testing, or a software QA job?

Then you need the power of ISTQB software testing certification from ASTQB, the American Software Testing Qualifications Board.

Why is certification through ASTQB so important to get a job testing software?
If you want to work for an American company as an employee or contractor, even from another country, you must register for the ISTQB exam through this site, the ASTQB website. That is because American companies check this, the ASTQB website (not the ISTQB website), to determine if you are certified.

ISTQB Certification is the global standard for software testing certification. It is by far the #1 software testing certification in the world, used by more than 570,000 testers in 100+ countries.

But just as importantly, if you want to work for a U.S. company, even from another country, you must register for the ISTQB exam here on the ASTQB website. U.S. companies check with ASTQB to see if you are in the official list of U.S. certified testers.

If you are ready to get started, see the Steps to ISTQB Certification.

Want to learn more? Download our free white paper, How to Get a Job in Software Testing: 7 Qualities of the Successful Software Testing Job Applicant.

Why should you choose ISTQB certification? Because it can help open doors to software testing and software quality jobs:

  • Many companies include ISTQB Certification in their job posting requirements.
  • Many software testing managers are happy to see ISTQB Certification on a resume. Why? Because it shows your interest in software testing, dedication to the profession, and a desire to learn and grow.
  • Knowledge gained from ISTQB Certification can help you get a job testing games.

As a bonus, when you obtain your ISTQB Certification through ASTQB, the U.S. Board for ISTQB Certification, you can post your resume and search for jobs here on the website, at no charge. See the ASTQB Software Testing Career Center for scholarships, internships, jobs, and career advice.

Continue your visit by learning more by choosing from the links below.

  • The steps to certification.
  • The free glossary of software testing – choose from the PDF and online, searchable options below.
  • The free ISTQB body of knowledge that we refer to as the syllabus – see directly below.
  • The free ISTQB Foundation Level Certification sample exam questions – see directly below.


ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL)


ISTQB Foundation Level Certification Syllabus

2018 ISTQB Foundation Level Certification Syllabus Information

* 2018 Syllabi exams are not yet live.


To download this, please complete the form so you stay current with certification updates.

Also click here to see the "5 reasons you should only register for ISTQB exams through ASTQB."

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