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ISTQB Exam Registration for Software Testing Certification

Register for ISTQB exams, ASTQB mobile exams, and IQBBA exams below. This includes ISTQB exam registration, ASTQB exam registration and IQBBA exam registration for:

  • Electronic/online certification exams via test centers around the world
  • Public certification exams via a training provider
  • On-site certification exams at your company
  • On-site certification exams at your university

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ASTQB / ISTQB Exam Registration Fees

NOTE: If you work (or might some day work) for an American company or live in the U.S. at any time in your testing career, it is important that you register for the ISTQB Certification exam on this site (below) from ASTQB. That is because American companies check with us, ASTQB, to determine if you have ISTQB Certification. There are many other benefits to registering via ASTQB such as easier to understand ISTQB exam questions.

  • ISTQB Foundation Level exam: US $250
  • ISTQB Foundation Level Extension – Agile Tester exam: US $150
  • ASTQB Mobile Tester exam: US $150
  • GTB/ASTQB Usability Tester exam: US $150
  • ISTQB Advanced Level exam: US $200 each
  • ISTQB Expert Level exam: US $375 each
  • If you are a company who wishes to purchase exams for your employees, the Foundation and Advanced exams are discountable through ASTQB’s Volume Purchase Program.
  • GI Bill reimbursement:  ASTQB’s Foundation and Advanced Level ISTQB exams have been approved for student reimbursement for veterans. This includes Foundation, Agile, and Core Advanced – Test Analyst, Technical Test Analyst, and Test Manager – as well as Specialist Advanced – Security Tester and Test Automation Engineer – plus ASTQB Mobile. See the GI Bill page for more information.

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Register now for the official ISTQB, ASTQB or IQBBA certification exam via ASTQB using one of the options below:

  • We offer certification exams in electronic form at exam centers around the world for ISTQB certifications, ASTQB Mobile Tester certification, GTB/ASTQB Usability Tester certification, and IQBBA Business Analyst certification.
  • Create an account on the ASTQB Exam Registration site. (If you already have an account, log in using your existing credentials.) After you receive your account confirmation email with your login and password, you may then return to the registration area, log in and begin the registration process.
  • Once you have logged in to your account, you can choose your online exam from the catalog. You will also choose the center (location) you want to test at, then choose the date and time you want to start. (If you just want to see where / when you can take the exam, simply select the exam and the center but don’t proceed to the checkout until you are ready.) The locations closest to you will come up according to the zip code you entered in your profile.
  • Agile and Advanced exams require qualification, as described below.

More Details and Instructions (see below for important Agile and Advanced notes)

Keep track of your account information and password. Do not create a second account if you have forgotten your original information. Contact to assist.

If you wish to take a Foundation Level exam, click the “Register for an Examination” link. During the registration process, you will be given an opportunity to select your testing center. After choosing a testing center, navigate to the desired date and select your seating time. Follow the rest of the screen prompts from that point forward.
If you wish to take a Agile Tester exam, after creating your account and selecting that exam, you will note that “Buy Now” is not active. You must contact ASTQB Headquarters at so we can verify the CTFL certification and then allow access to the Agile exam. Send us your name as it appears on your ASTQB CTFL certificate. (If your CTFL is not from ASTQB, then you must send a copy of your CTFL certificate.)

If you wish to take an Advanced Level exam after creating your account, you must first submit proof of CTFL certification and a resume and/or employer verification of 3 years experience to in order to generate access to register. In the cover email, the examinee must state that the information contained in the resume or employer verification is accurate and complete to the best of his/her ability. Once we receive your documentation, you will receive an email that your qualification has been accepted and you can now log back in, follow the above instructions and go to “Register for an Examination”. If you have already qualified for Advanced Level exams other than at an exam center, email with a request to access the online Advanced Level exam system.

Select your date and time for the exams carefully! There is a $75 fee for a reschedule or cancellation within 72 hours of your exam. To reschedule or cancel your exam, log in to your account at the ASTQB Exam Registration site, and click on “Registrations” on the left side, then “Details” in the middle showing your schedule. At the bottom of the page, buttons for “Reschedule” and “Cancel” will appear. If within 72 hours of your exam, the site will require your credit card for the $75 payment.

  • If you have three or more examinees for the Foundation, Agile, Advanced or Expert Level exams, or any combination to be administered at the same time, you may have ASTQB come to your site to administer the exam.
  • To learn more, contact ASTQB headquarters at
  • This option is eligible for discounts through ASTQB’s Volume Purchase Program.

  • ASTQB offers a 50% discount on the exam fee to institutions of higher education that teach the ISTQB software tester certification syllabus and glossary and wish to certify their students as CTFLs. By participating, the instructor agrees to secure an unpaid Proctor and administer the certification exam.
  • For further information, instructors should contact ASTQB Headquarters at