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Expert Level

Additional Information

Clear Business Outcomes

Each Expert Level module has clear business outcomes. These provide information to businesses concerning the expectations of an expert in a particular subject. The business outcomes map to the individual Learning Objectives in a particular module.

Achieving Expert Level

Criteria are set to ensure good and consistent quality of the Expert Level.

To obtain Expert Level certification, candidates must have:

  • the Foundation Certificate
  • an Advanced Certificate depending on the Expert Module desired
  • passed the Expert Level Exam
  • at least 5 years of practical testing experience

Note that the experience criteria may also be attained after taking the exam. It is recommended, however, that the candidate has gained this practical experience before taking the exam. If a non-public exam is to be taken, completion of Expert Level course is mandatory.

What skills does an Expert Level individual have?

An expert is a person with the special skills and knowledge representing mastery of a particular testing subject. Being a testing expert means possessing and displaying special skills and knowledge derived from training and experience and being able to apply that knowledge in real-life situations.

A testing expert is one that combines a broad understanding of testing in general with an in-depth understanding in a special test area. An in-depth understanding means sufficient knowledge of testing theory and practice to be able to influence the direction that an organization and/or project takes when creating, implementing and executing testing activities related to the special area.

Exam Structure

A certification scheme at Expert Level must meet the expectations and perceptions of its stakeholders and has to be seen to be truly “expert”. A score above 65% is required to pass.

An expert must not only be able to show knowledge, but also in depth practical skills; as a consequence an exam only using multiple choice questions is not preferred. The exam therefore consists of two parts:

  • Part 1: Multiple-Choice
  • Part 2: Essay

Certificate Extension

An Expert Level certificate is valid for 5 years.

The Certification Extension Program is published by ISTQB®

Accredited training courses

For the training we aim several objectives, namely:

  • Higher level Learning Objectives in focus
  • Emphasis is on practical work (at least 50% of the course time is spent on practical exercise and discussions)
  • In-depth consideration of subjects introduced at advanced levels
  • Goal: Mastery of the subject

See the list of ASTQB accredited software testing training providers.

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