Why QA Teams Need Testing Certification

Your QA Analyst Team Will Thrive with Better Testing. Here is How You Get It.

Make your QA team faster and more efficient with shared quality standards. Keep Your Software Out of the Headlines® and your team’s careers moving up.

Which software testing certification should I get first?

With the growth in Agile and Continuous Delivery, QA team members can achieve better software quality with shared testing standards. This includes everyone from Quality Assurance Analysts to Developers to Testing Consultants.

ISTQB’s foundation level software testing certification, ISTQB CTFL, gives your QA team:

  • Common testing terminology that makes communication clearer
  • Shared testing principles so you can build repeatable, reliable quality

As the official certification body for ISTQB in the U.S., ASTQB makes it easy with the highest quality exams. Plus, certified testers get extra testing and career resources at no charge – something only ASTQB offers.

With the growth in agile and continuous delivery, QA team members also need to build their testing expertise through ISTQB certifications for agile testing, mobile device / app testing, and advanced testing techniques including security and automation.

An easy way to visualize this is to look at the software testing career path graphic.

“I believe that going through the certification process helped me grow tremendously as a software tester, which led to my current position as a Product Manager. Thank you for all that you do!”

QA Analyst certifications such as ISTQB software testing certification have long been a favorite career tool. In fact, surveys among IT and QA pros indicate certifications can lead to promotions and professional growth.

Software Testing Career Road Map

See how the software testing career road map paves the way for promotion throughout your career.

Why ISTQB Certification? That’s easy: It is the most popular and fastest growing testing certification in the world with more than 570,000 software testing certificates issued across 100+ countries.

Where do you start for QA Analyst Certification? It’s easy:

Important: If your team members work (or might some day work) for an American company or live in the U.S. at any time in your testing career, it is critical that you register for the ASTQB version of the ISTQB Certification exam found on this, the ASTQB website, because American companies check with ASTQB to determine if you have ISTQB Certification. You also get special benefits by taking your exam through ASTQB, such as easier to understand exam questions, and ASTQB-only access to job postings.

Learn more below as to why QA team members choose ISTQB software testing certification: how it makes you more competitive, opens doors, and reduces costs.




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