Why Managers Choose ISTQB

Managers: Keep Your Software Out of the Headlines® and Your Career Moving Up

As the #1 certification for software testing, ISTQB gives you global standards that make your job easier and protect your career.

ASTQB and ISTQB software testing certifications represent the globally accepted software testing skills path that helps you to:

  • Get new hires up to speed in the basics of software testing
  • Motivate your veterans to do their best testing
  • Retain key employees who are critical to your advanced testing efforts

As an American Psychological Association study found, without your support for their career development, more than half of your employees aren’t motivated to give you their best at work. And more than half are likely to seek employment outside your organization over the next year!

ASTQB makes it easy for you to offer career development with our free guides:

Why is ASTQB the easy choice for your team’s software testing skills development?

  • You get peace of mind: ASTQB and ISTQB are non-profit organizations.
  • You get credibility: We offer the world’s #1 software testing certification with 570,000+ software testing certificates issued across more than 100 countries.
  • You get support: Apply for our free consultation on how to implement software testing certification to build skills, build quality, and keep your best employees.

It’s an easy choice:

  • Reduce your company’s risk.
  • Protect your career.

See the video below on why managers choose ISTQB software testing certification.

Learn more below how ASTQB and ISTQB software tester certifications can reduce your software defects, lower costs, and shorten schedules.

How to staff a test team

Here are the top reasons ISTQB software testing certification can help you as a test manager:

ISTQB certification can make you the hero.

Does your CEO understand how important your testing team is to reducing risk, saving time, and saving money? Show your CEO and CFO this important insight: “A synergistic combination of defect prevention, pre-test defect removal, and formal testing by certified personnel can top 99% in defect removal efficiency while simultaneously lowering costs and shortening schedules.” That same analysis shows that “Untrained amateur personnel such as developers themselves seldom top 35% for any form of testing. Also the ‘bad fix injection’ rate or new bugs added while fixing older bugs tops 7% for repairs by ordinary development personnel.”[1] That’s why your company needs you and your expert team of certified testers.

ISTQB certification provides outstanding return on investment (ROI).

Studies estimate the cost of a post-production software defect in the range of $4,000 – $5,000. If ISTQB Software Tester Certification can help your software tester to eliminate just one post-production defect in his or her career, the ROI for an ISTQB exam is more than 1500%. Learn how software testing certification can cut costs by downloading the free white paper, “Cut Software Development Costs”.

ISTQB certification reduces your risks.

If your team had time to test everything, that would be ideal. But in the real world, deadlines abound. ISTQB Certification helps to address the issue of prioritization and effort allocation. Here is an excerpt from the Advanced Test Manager syllabus: “In risk-based testing, quality risks are identified and assessed during a product quality risk analysis with the stakeholders. The test team then designs, implements, and executes tests to mitigate the quality risks.” See the syllabi to learn more about how ISTQB Certification helps with this important concept of risk-based testing.

ISTQB certification gets your new testers up to speed with clear testing terms and standards.

ISTQB software testing certification brings a common glossary and set of standards so your testers will communicate better across teams and across departments. This is often cited as an immediate, concrete benefit of ISTQB certification: the need to study for certification drives the broad use of the common vocabulary, immediately improving the productivity of communications. ISTQB Software Tester Certification was created by more than 100 global testing experts and is used in 100+ countries, so you can trust it for local and global projects alike.

ISTQB certification retains testers thanks to a clear career path.

The American Psychological Association found that in the absence of supervisor support for career development:

  • Less than half of employees say they are motivated to do their best at work (versus nearly 90% who report having supervisor support).
  • More than half say they intend to seek employment outside the organization within the next year.

Fortunately, for software testers and their supervisors, there is a simple solution: ASTQB and ISTQB Software Tester Certification have career levels (Foundation, Advanced and Expert) and career paths (core options of Test Manager, Test Analyst, Test Manager, plus specialist options such as Agile, Mobile, Security, Test Automation, etc.) that will give your testers the opportunity to prove their knowledge and skills. See the illustrated software testing career path. ISTQB’s career development path and standards will help you retain and develop your best testers because they can see a future within your company. Learn how you can recruit and retain great software testers with our free white paper.

ISTQB certification gives you peace of mind knowing that your team has the knowledge and skills for practical day-to-day testing.

ISTQB certification helps your testers build better software testing processes. From a common testing vocabulary to best in class testing methodologies, ISTQB certification ensures your testers have what it takes to get the job done. Moreover, ISTQB training courses from ASTQB accredited software testing training providers offer a high number of hands-on exercises, providing practical, ready to use knowledge.

ISTQB certification could reduce your expenses.

Aside from reducing defects and saving rework, your company and clients may also now qualify for lower insurance costs thanks to your team’s ISTQB Software Tester Certifications. For example, Hiscox Insurance Company qualifies technology insurance applicants on whether their software testers are ISTQB Certified. Learn more and and see the technology insurance quote form. That’s good news for your company, your clients, and you.

Learn how ISTQB software testing certification can help you personally as a manager. Download our free white paper on how to lead the way as a test team leader and apply for our free consultation on tester training and retention.
Software Testing Career Path

Software testing career path: What is your best path?

See how the software testing career road map paves a professional path for your testing team.
Software Testing Career Path

Here are easy next steps to get your team started with better software quality, reduced costs, and quicker development:

Free Consultation by an ASTQB Expert Volunteer
As a manager, director, vice president or C-level leader, you may request a free consultation with a software testing expert volunteer from the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB), the non-profit U.S. board for software tester certification. This volunteer will help you identify the best test team structure and use of ISTQB certification to meet your software quality goals. Contact ASTQB headquarters via this special request form or by phone at 813.319.0890, and we’ll put you in touch with one of our ASTQB volunteer experts. We are providing this volunteer service as part of our mission to promote software quality in the U.S., so this offer is limited to companies that will utilize ASTQB exams via Kryterion test centers globally or a proctored exam in the U.S.
Steps to Certification
Learn about the steps to certification.
Software Testing Career Road Map
See the software testing career road map which illustrates how ASTQB and ISTQB software testing certification create a path to quality in your test team and company.
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 [1] Capers Jones, Namcook Analytics “A Short History Of The Cost Per Defect Metric | Software Defect Origins & Removal Methods”

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