Security Testing Certification

Build your career with ISTQB Advanced Level Security Tester Certification.

Why become an ISTQB Advanced Security Tester? To get noticed, and to make a difference.

Security is a hot topic in every corporate boardroom, and Advanced Security Testing Certification will make you a part of the discussion.

Here are the steps to your ISTQB Advanced Level Security Testing Certification:

  1. Download the free Security Testing syllabus.
  2. Download the free Security Testing sample exam questions and answers.
  3. Get training via an ASTQB accredited software training course. Training is optional, but others who have taken advanced level certification exams highly recommend it: See 3 reasons why.
  4. Register for the exam only here on the ASTQB website so you can appear in the list that U.S. employers check. (Another important reason to only take the ASTQB versions of the ISTQB exams: They are written to be fair and understandable, without any trick questions.)
  5. Pass the exam. Congratulations! You can now appear in the official ISTQB/ASTQB certification list that U.S. employers check for employees and outsourced testing.

Are you nervous about stepping up to Advanced Level Testing Certification? Then you need to listen to this podcast. Hear veteran tester Tom Adams describe:

  1. Why you shouldn’t fear the Advanced Level exam. As he says, “Why did I wait so long to take my first Advanced exam? I realized it really wasn’t that scary – it wasn’t that bad. And so then I got my next one, and my next one.”
  2. How to prepare for the exam, including two very important tips. After taking the Advanced exams, Tom concluded, “The exams are just made to try to determine, ‘Have you learned the material?’ Well if you learn the material, you’re going to pass the exam. Then you’re going to look back and go, ‘Well it wasn’t that tough.'” Learn his two tips plus why he really appreciated the training course he took.
  3. Why it’s important for your career – and your company – that you become Advanced Level certified. As Tom noted about his own career, “When I first came here, I was hired to be a test lead for our web enterprise and e-commerce side. But as I developed and got more certifications, they thought, ‘Well, maybe he could do this, too.’ And so I took on more responsibilities and worked my way up, so that now I’m managing the test efforts for five major enterprise level areas that are critical areas.”

This is a podcast that will inspire you!

Information about the ISTQB security testing certification can now be found in a free, recorded webinar. See the ISTQB Security Testing Certification webinar.

Download the free ISTQB Advanced Security Tester body of knowledge (syllabus), and sample exam questions and answers.

It is important to choose an ASTQB Accredited Training Provider if you would like training assistance. Using an accredited training provider assures you that the training course is well designed, follows the syllabus, and will prepare you well for the ISTQB Advanced Level Security Tester Certification Exam.