Test Automation


Developing test automation on a shoestring budget

Andrew Pollner, CTFL

Developing a sustainable test automation solution can be expensive and take weeks, months, or longer to implement. By understanding the key components of an automation solution the process can get started incrementally, with lower costs and less resources. Once initial functionality is developed and made available to the test team, additional enhancements can be implemented. This incremental approach provides several benefits including: quick initial capability, ease of maintenance, and extensibility.

You will leave this breakout with:

  • An understanding of the key stakeholders needed to succeed
  • An understanding of the essential elements of automation
  • Knowledge of what key functionality needs to be implemented initially
  • Knowledge of when it’s best to introduce automation



Framework architecture for test automation

In this workshop you will explore various automated testing tools and how frameworks grew around them. The concepts are similar regardless of which automation tool you use. The workshop will answer many of your questions: Why build a Framework? What benefit does a Framework provide? How does one maintain a Framework? We will explore different approaches to Framework development, things to watch out for, and ensuring that the approach you take will provide years of productivity. You’ll leave with a much better understanding of automated Frameworks and hopefully the confidence to build your own.

You will leave this workshop with:

  • An understanding of what is a test automation framework
  • Benefits to using a framework
  • An approach to building a framework

Andrew Pollner is President and CEO of ALP International Corporation, a leading organization in the area of test process improvement and in the use of test automation tools to bring efficiency and effectiveness to the testing process, since 1993. As an early adopter of test automation and quality assurance tools, Mr. Pollner has built a consulting and training practice serving major financial, insurance, healthcare, and telecommunications companies and government agencies to ensure the successful implementation of software testing and surrounding processes. Mr. Pollner serves on the executive committee of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB) and chairs the Advanced Level – Test Automation Engineer working party for the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB).