Security Testing


Testing security against unknown attackers

Taz Daughtrey

Security is about protecting your assets from attempts to remove, misuse, alter, or block legitimate users’ access to them. But how can you defend against malicious agents whose motivations and capabilities you may understand only dimly? Security testing is one means of clarifying your own vulnerabilities and better preparing defenses.

You will leave this breakout:

  • Understanding the contributions of security testing
  • Having a framework for planning appropriate testing of security controls
  • Being able to use testing results to cost-effectively enhance security



Mobile Testing and Security Testing Workshop – Exploring the Uniqueness and Commonalities of Both Domains

In this workshop, Taz Daughtrey and Randall Rice present an opportunity for you to bring your Mobile Testing and Security Testing challenges to gain wider input and brainstorming of solutions. You will leave with strategies and action plans to help implement testing solutions in your own organization.

Taz Daughtrey is a Fellow of the American Society for Quality, the Founding Editor of the peer-reviewed journal SOFTWARE QUALITY PROFESSIONAL, and a Director of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board. He has taught undergraduate software engineering and graduate Information Security courses at James Madison University. Taz’s previous twenty years in industry included responsibilities as Quality Manager and Chief Security Officer of a medical application service provider, as well as a number of roles in software development, training, and quality improvement in manufacturing and engineering.