Performance Testing


Five hard-won lessons in performance, load, and reliability testing

Rex Black, President, RBCS

Performance, load, and reliability tests are hard to design, hard to run, and essential in today’s complex IT environments. You need to apply lots of smarts, the right tools, and a pinch of rigor to make it work.  In this session, illustrated by real-world examples drawing on Rex’s decades of experience with performance, load, and reliability testing, you’ll learn five key ideas to remember during your next test session.

You will leave this breakout with:

  • Why realistic performance, load, and reliability test environments matter–and how to build them.
  • What to do–and what not to do–to generate realistic loads and valid test results.
  • How models and simulations can validate your performance testing–and vice versa.
  • Where to find the right building-blocks for your tests (hint: expensive commercial tools aren’t the only answer).
  • When to start performance, load, and reliability testing.



Applying quality risk analysis to performance 

You’re probably familiar with risk-based testing, but did you know you can apply quality risk analysis and risk-based testing to performance testing, too?  Yes, you can, and the risk-analysis serves the same focusing and sequencing purpose for performance testing. There are some subtle differences, though, and these can trip you up if you don’t consider them during the process. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll explore how to apply risk-based testing best practices to performance testing.

You will leave this workshop with:

  • An understanding of the process of risk-based testing as applied to performance-related quality risks
  • Insight into the key differences between quality risk analysis for functional testing and quality risk analysis for performance testing
  • Hands-on experience conducing a quality risk analysis workshop for performance-related quality risks

Rex Black is President of RBCS (, a worldwide leader in testing services, including consulting, on-site experts, assessment, and training. RBCS has over 100 clients spanning twenty countries on six continents.  Rex has written 13 books and dozens of articles, and his best-seller, Managing the Testing Process, now in its third edition, has reached over 100,000 test professionals in the almost 20 years since it was first published. Rex is currently the ISTQB Representative on the ASTQB Board of Directors.