Let’s Turn Real User Data Analysis into a Science


Real user beacon data is collected from web and mobile users by the billions every day. This session will delve deep into the technical trade-offs and selection process involved in choosing the underlying architecture for the data warehouse that is to contain that data.  Done correctly, this beacon data can then be used for marketing campaigns, performance enhancements and any other types of data analysis required by a business to use the information to increase bottom line revenue.

We will walk through and discuss the beacon collection architecture for the data collected and stored. We will also discuss this architecture against the largest and fastest growing segment of big data analytics: customer experience enhancement.

Learning Objectives:

How real user experience data forms the basis for sounds performance engineering best practices in today’s web & mobile world.  Performance testing is no longer about writing test scripts.  It’s all about test execution.

This tutorial will walk the attendee through this process and how they can take this back to their organization and apply these best practices.