Let’s put the “E” back in Testing


For years, testing has been considered a second class citizen when it comes to the pecking order of importance in any endeavor.  The words, “I am a tester,” might typically get a response along the lines of sympathy card from Hallmark.

This session will discuss and address the transformation of the process of testing and the maturation of the role of tester from “just testing” to today’s performance engineering role.

We will discuss the role of performance testing across the product lifecycle. This will include the exploration and analysis of web and mobile user performance data and how to gain instant insights into user experience and performance data collected from performance tests. We will also consider how to use that data in a continuous improvement model to drive not only the performance testing process, but also to influence architecture and application design.
Learning Objectives:

  1. Transforming the development and QA processes into engineering processes
  2. How DevOps is really just about good testing practices
  3. real world examples using continuous integration and Agile
  4. A roadmap and checklist with a call to action