Internal ‘Professionalism’ of Testing as a Practice

anduze Sudan Anduze, Director Operations & Technology … Business Application QA/QC, RTB Technology, Fannie Mae

Mr. Anduze will share his personal insights in delivering testing as a professional service in organizations. He will cover the unique challenges of selling the business value proposition to stakeholders and how to remain engaged and relevant as a testing body. Some points of interest will include discussing quality, efficiency and value and disposing the myth that business “cares” about system test versus user acceptance test. It will be a back and forth – call and response – type of conversation.

A former CPA and finance technologist, Mr. Anduze has over 25 years experience in professional service delivery. He started his first company in 1999 delivering both financial system applications and developing software applications for Palm V and Mobile Windows. The company grossed over $7M before selling his stake in 2010.

Mr. Anduze delivered Software As a Service in over 7 countries and 5 continents. His clients included national and international Fortune 100 Private/Public Companies and NGOS. Mr. Anduze also provided financial system testimony for the DOJ, SEC, and FBI during the US Foodservice accounting irregularity investigation.

Mr. Anduze studied accounting at the University of Maryland College Park and then Finance & Accounting at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania