How to Take Organizations to Higher Testing Maturity


For the past many years, the focus of the industry was on improving quality by writing better code and using automation and engineering. These efforts did show results but we are still far from an illusive zero-defect state while fulfilling expected time to market.

In order to further boost software quality improvement efforts, the focus has now shifted to improving testing processes. Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) is a detailed model for test process assessment and improvement. TMMi staged model contains stages or levels that determine the maturity of an organization and lays down roadmap for moving from one maturity level to next. As the processes evolve, an organization passes from adhoc (L1) to Optimized levels (L5). Application of TMMi will lead organizations to highly mature test process, reduced rework (about 10%), increase in defect removal efficiency (about 85%), higher productivity (about 10 test cases per day or 15% higher) and faster time to market.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How can your organization improve the effectiveness of testing
  2. How can you sustain testing maturity
  3. What is the improvement roadmap for the implementation journey to improve testing processes
  4. Why TMMI is preferred to CMMI for any testing organization