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ASTQB and CMG Partner to Develop Performance Testing Certifications

How to Attract and Retain Skilled Software Testers: An Interview with Judy McKay
Judy McKay, President of ASTQB, discusses how to attract and retain skilled software testers in today’s industry.

ASTQB Software Testing Scholarship Program Announced

Software testing research grant initiative introduced by the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB)

ISTQB® Software testing certifications exceed 350,000

Survey of certified ISTQB software testers indicates that 92% find certification helps demonstrate professional competency.

Survey: 89% of software testers more valuable to their organization after ISTQB certification

100,000 Software Testing Professionals Now ISTQB Certified

Electronic exams now available at hundreds of U.S. locations for ISTQB software tester certification exams

Featured Articles by ASTQB Volunteers

ISTQB Past President Rex Black: “ISTQB Certification: Why You Need It and How to Get It

ISTQB Certification News

2015, Issue 4 Highlights: 9 reasons a test leader needs to lead the way.

2015, Issue 3 Highlights: How brilliant are you?

2015, Issue 2 Highlights: What is it really like to go for your ISTQB Advanced Level Certification?

2015, Issue 1 Highlights: How can you reduce late-stage software defects and delays?

2014, Issue 4 Highlights: How does ISTQB Certification prepare you for test automation?

2014, Issue 3 Highlights: Will Agile testing be important to your career?

2014, Issue 2 Highlights: What does someone who wrote software for the space shuttle program have to say about ISTQB Certification?

2014, Issue 1 Highlights: Should your next career step be “test manager,” “test analyst,” or “technical test analyst”?

2013, Issue 4 Highlights: Do you want to be a happier, more productive tester?

2013, Issue 3 Highlights: Are you taking full advantage of having a certified testing team?

2013, Issue 2 Highlights: Is software testing REALLY a profession?

2013, Issue 1 Highlights: Why security testing is important to your career.

2012, Issue 4 Highlights: The most frequently asked question.

2012, Issue 3 Highlights: Testers have the happiest jobs.

2012, Issue 2 Highlights: The importance of test tools versus the test process.

2012, Issue 1 Highlights: How ISTQB Certification covers agile testing.

2011, Issue 4 Highlights: Learn how to pick testing tools.

2011, Issue 3 Highlights: Is the Testing Profession Headed Toward a Brick Wall?

2011, Issue 2 Highlights: The Most Efficient Form of Quality Assurance: Building Software the Right Way

2011, Issue 1 Highlights: What Do Test Managers Think About Your Certification?

2010, Issue 4 Highlights: Relying on More than Just Good Luck

2010, Issue 3 Highlights: ASTQB Certified College Students Make the Grade for Company’s Clients

2010, Issue 2 Highlights: Managing Rapid Growth in Testing Consulting and Outsourcing

2010, Issue 1 Highlights: What Led to Your Career in Testing?

2009, Issue 3 Highlights: Interview with Digital Design Engineer Lead Avinash Sharma, CTAL

2009, Issue 2 Highlights: Interview with Professor Patricia McQuaid, Ph.D., CTFL, CISA

2009, Issue 1 Highlights: Interview with Quality Assurance Manager Debra Friedenberg, CTFL

2008, Issue 2 Highlights: Interview with Test Manager Bill McMichael, CTAL, PMP, CSM

2008, Issue 1 Highlights: Interview with Freelance Consultant Jose Mata, CTFL

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STP Con – Spring and Fall

ASTQB is happy to assist you with your stories about software testing and software tester certification.  All interview requests may be directed to the following individuals:

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