Get to Know Your ASTQB Board – Randy Rice

Software testing consultant and trainer

Volunteer Role in ASTQB: Director

Describe what led you to your career in testing.

Answer: After being a software developer for 13 years, I was assigned to a project where the client needed a test team leader for a new system being developed at their company. They figured that since I had written a test plan as a developer and had read a book (Software Testing Techniques by Boris Beizer), I was qualified. So, for the next year I immersed myself in learning what quality is, and more specifically, what software quality is. I soon realized that this was an opportunity to build a consulting practice, so in 1990 I started consulting on my own in the field of software testing.

Describe your greatest challenge in testing.

Answer: Dealing with high compexity in software and the lack of adequate user requirements are two big challenges. However, my research shows that over 80% of the challenges are people-related. I would say that getting management’s leadership in software testing is the biggest challenge.

Describe why you volunteer your time to grow and develop ISTQB Certification.

Answer: I have always been a big believer in test certification because I think it provides a framework for testers to build their skills. While I am a training provider and have that motivation to grow the certification, my greater motivation is to represent the testing practioner point of view. I believe that the decisions we make in the ASTQB should keep the needs of software testers and test managers as the highest priority. As Treasurer, my focus is being a good steward of the money people pay to become certified.

Why did you choose the ISTQB Certification rather than other types of testing certifications?

Answer: The ISTQB program appeals to me because no single vendor controls it, it has wide international adoption, and is not-for-profit. The CTFL certification is very accessible to anyone that wants to take it. Training is not required, although I recommend that people study or take a course before taking the exam. There are no recertification fees or requirements. That makes the CTFL an attractive certification for companies with teams they would like to certify.