Technical Advisory Group

The ASTQB Technical Advisory Group consists of expert software testing professionals who volunteer their time to support the U.S. version of the ISTQB software testing exam. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their countless hours of service.

Tom Adams, CTAL Full, CTEL-TM Full
Cabela’s Inc.

Debbie Behrens, CTAL Full

Lisa Boden, CTFL
Computer Support Services

Earl Burba, CTAL Full, CTEL-TM Full
PCG Technology Consulting

Greg Collina, CTAL-TM, CTEL-TM Full

Debbie Friedenberg, CTAL Full

Judy McKay, CTAL Full, CTEL-TM Full
Cisco Systems

Andrei Popescu, CTFL
Dish Network

Michael Prisby, CTAL-TM, TA, CTEL-TM Full

Steve Splaine, CTAL-TM, CTEL-TM Full
Nielsen Media

John Tucker, CTAL Full
US Army